Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Q – Why hire an Escort?


  • Both men and women want romance and intimacy
  • Hiring an Escort is the most efficient and inexpensive way of finding the attractive companion that you want and deserve
  • Finding people through dating is slow and expensive. It’s a waste of time, energy and money with no guarantee it will result in what you are looking for.
  • You deserve to enjoy the company of an attractive Escort. Why should you resign yourself to being alone or settling for an ugly person who treats you badly?
  • Reject the mistreatment you have suffered at the hands of society. Why shouldn’t your needs be considered? Why shouldn’t you get the beautiful companion you want?
  • No strings attached. You are free to see the Escort again if you wish. You don’t ever have to worry about trying to persuade or impress the Escort.


Q – I’m worried that my family or friends will judge me for hiring an Escort. How do I handle this?
Answer: You don’t have to tell them anything at all about your Escort experience if you don’t want to. This is incredibly liberating because it allows you to indulge and enjoy yourself, without worrying about any negative consequences.


Q – How do I get started with booking an Escort?

  • Option 1. You can contact the Escort directly if they have posted their phone number.
  • Option 2. Reserve through the website by clicking on “Book Escort” for a small fee. The benefit of this option is that no personal information is exchanged (phone numbers or email addresses) and you will have a secure booking once the Escort accepts your request.

Q – All the Escorts are so sexy and hot! How can I choose just the right one?
Answer: Use the filters or keyword search to narrow down your options and enjoy.


Q – How long should I book my Escort for?
Answer: You can book from 15 minutes up to several hours, but this depends entirely on the Escort.


Q – Can I book more time with my Escort?
Answer: You probably can but it depends whether your Escort is available. Take a look at their calendar or contact them directly to discuss.


Q – What does it cost?

Option 1: Contacting the Escort directly is free

Option 2: Booking through the website only costs $2. A small fee for great benefits.


Q – What is the benefit of booking through the Website?


  • Access to a larger number of Escorts who prefer to receive secure bookings through the website
  • It’s the quickest way to reserve your Escort with faster response times.
  • It’s the most reliable way to secure time with your Escort with higher chances of getting your booking request accepted
  • You get the opportunity to rate your experience with the Escort
  • Privacy and anonymity. No phone numbers or emails are exchanged
  • Increased security for you and the Escort


Q – Is this a safe thing to do?
Answer: We want to keep the Escorts safe and we want you to be safe. Booking through the website is the safest way.


Q – What about discretion?
Answer. If you happen to be married or similar, then it is up to you to tell or not tell. All of the Escort charges can be paid in cash directly to the Escort. If you choose to book through the website using a credit card, the charges will not appear as “” or anything like that.

Your information is safe with us. We do not sell your information and we do not use your information for any type of marketing whatsoever.


Q – Is my information kept private?
Answer: Your privacy is our top priority. Your information is held in the strictest of confidence to give you the utmost privacy with the comfort and discretion that you deserve.


Q – Legal Issues
Answer: We respect the laws of the United States and many other countries. In the US, you cannot pay for sexual favors or trade in any way for them. We are a website used by Escorts to advertise themselves. Escorts can be fun and willing to play all kinds of games and that is what you are paying for. However, what happens between you and her on a personal basis is not our concern, provided that she consents and all the applicable laws are adhered to.