Terms & Conditions

General Terms and Conditions (GTC) of Scortz for the provision of reservation services on the internet portal

Scortz (“Provider”) operates the Internet portal www.scortz.com (“Portal”) on which users (“Professional”) profiles are created. The profiles contain various information about the professional, in particular about the offered services, their location, as well as the time availability of the professional. The provider makes the profiles on the third party (“customers” / “you”) publicly accessible. As a user of the portal, you can view the profiles through the Professionals portal to reserve professionals for a specific period of time. For the booking of professionals you pay a booking fee, which is collected by the provider. The remuneration for the services provided by the Professional will be paid directly to the Professional.

Scope of these terms and conditions

The General Terms and Conditions apply to the relations between the provider and you regarding the services available on the portal, in particular the processing of the booking of the professionals as well as the handling of the payment of booking fees. Information on the offeror can be found at https://scortz.com Opposing or deviating terms of the customer are expressly contradicted. These are only recognized if the supplier expressly agrees to the validity in writing.

The supplier reserves the right to change the GTC at any time with effect also within the existing contract conditions.
The use of the services available on the portal requires your registration as a participant. There is no entitlement to participation. The provider is entitled to reject registrations without giving reasons. The registration is only permitted if you are full-time and unlimited in business. Minor persons are not allowed to register. Registration is free of charge. The contact data and other information requested during the registration process must be stated completely and correctly. The provider will release your requested access after successful registration. After successful registration, you are entitled to use the portal within the framework of these terms and conditions.

In the course of the registration process, you will be asked to provide your e-mail address and password. With this data, you can log on to the portal after unblocking your access. It is your responsibility that the username does not violate the rights of third parties, in particular no name or trademark rights and does not violate good morals. The access data including the password must be kept secret by you and not made accessible to unauthorized third parties. It is also your responsibility to ensure that your access to the portal and the use of the services available on the portal is exclusively by you or by the persons authorized by you. If there is any fear that unauthorized third parties will have knowledge of your access data or will be able to obtain it, the provider shall be informed immediately.

You are liable for any use and / or other activity, which is carried out under your access data, according to the legal regulations.

Profiles of professionals on the portal / selection of profiles

The provider provides you with access to the profiles created by the professionals and the information contained therein (data, pictures, videos, etc.) on the portal. On the portal, you can select the profiles according to different criteria, in particular the services offered by the professionals as well as the respective location of the professionals. If you want to select the profiles based on the location, you must first consent that the portal can determine your personal location data and transfer it to the portal by accessing the appropriate resources of your devices or software. If this consent is not given, you must enter your selection by means of a manual entry, e.g. city.

Booking of professionals / authorization and debiting of reservation costs

By selecting a profile, you can access the information provided by the professional within the framework of the respective profile, and can send a reservation request (“reservation request”) to the person (s) under the reservation procedure. A transfer of the reservation request to the professional is made by the provider only after you have pressed the “Pay now” button as well as the confirmation of the payment data entered by you by the payment service provider. The amount of the cost of the reservation request (“reservation costs”) will be shown to you before the “Pay now” button is activated and the payment service data are transmitted to the payment service provider on the portal. If the reservation costs are only authorized and will be debited later, you will receive a corresponding notice on the payment page.

The professional must confirm your reservation request. Upon receipt of this confirmation, you will receive a confirmation of your reservation request (“Reservation confirmation”) by e-mail. The provider will also receive a reservation confirmation. The booking costs will be debited at the latest by the date of sending the reservation confirmation by the professional. If, within 24 hours after the reservation request has been sent to the professional there is no reservation confirmation or if your reservation request is rejected or canceled for another reason, the reservation costs will be refunded.

By sending the reservation confirmation to you or the provider, the professional is not obliged to provide certain services. The provision of these services is still at the discretion of the Professional. If you have received a reservation confirmation and the professional decides not to provide the services requested by you, the provider will reimburse the reservation costs on your used payment.

The authorization and payment of the reservation costs by credit card is only possible with Visa or MasterCard. Other credit cards are currently not accepted.

For credit card payment:
Name and surname of the credit card holder
Credit card number
Credit card expiration date
CVC code of the credit card
If applicable, secure code (personal security setting, personal regulation with the financial institution),

For Paypal payment:
Name and surname of the cardholder
IBAN and BIC of the account
Address of the account holder

(“payment data”) The payment data are transferred to the computer of the financial company for settlement. The payment data are protected, stored in a PCI DSS certified system. The provider does not store your payment data on the systems it operates.

The companies are responsible for handling payment procedures.

The systems of the financial enterprise and of the payment service provider check the payment data you have provided for the correctness and, if applicable, the non-compliance of the credit card issuer. If the authorization fails for any reason, you will receive an appropriate message. The debit of the bank account or the credit card is dependent on the processing of the customer banks or their credit card issuing institution.

The reservation costs appear in the credit card account of the credit card issuer or the account withdrawal as a total amount in US Dollars and are marked with “Teledesk”.

Should you unjustifiably effect a chargeback (return of the amount), you are obliged to bear the valid processing fee and the foreign charges incurred by the credit card acquirer or the bank in addition to the amount of the reservation costs claimed in advance. The amount of the processing fee depends on the terms and conditions of your financial institution.

Protection of contents, responsibility for third-party content

The content available on the portal is mainly protected by copyright or other proprietary rights and is owned by the provider, the professionals or other third parties, who have made the content available. You may only use this content in accordance with these terms and conditions as well as in the framework provided on the portal.

The content available on the portal comes partly from the provider and partly from the professionals or other third parties (“third contents”). The provider does not carry out a check for completeness, correctness and legality in the case of third-party content, and therefore does not assume any responsibility or guarantee for the completeness, correctness, legality and topicality of the third-party contents. This also applies to the quality of third-party content and their suitability for a specific purpose, and also to the extent that third-party content is linked to linked external websites.



Prohibited activities

You may use the content available on the portal exclusively non-commercial. Any use for or in connection with commercial purposes is prohibited unless such use has been expressly permitted in writing by the supplier. Unauthorized commercial use shall include in particular:

All offers and applications for paid content, services and / or products, both your own and third parties,
All offers, applications and execution of activities with a commercial background, such as prize draws, raffles, exchange deals, advertisements or snowball systems, and
Any electronic or other collection of identity and / or contact data (including e-mail addresses) of members (eg for sending unsolicited e-mails).

You are prohibited from any activities on or relating to the Portal which violate applicable law, violate the rights of third parties or violate the principles of the protection of minors. You are also prohibited from any action that is likely to affect the smooth operation of the Portal, in particular, the Supplier’s systems. Should you become aware of any illegal, abusive, unlawful or otherwise unauthorized use of the portal, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail at info@scortz.com. The vendor will then review the transaction and, if necessary, initiate appropriate steps.

In the event of suspicion of unlawful or criminal acts, the provider is entitled and, if necessary, obliged to review your activities and, if necessary, to initiate appropriate legal proceedings. This may include the submission of a case to the public prosecutor’s office.

Blocking accesses

The provider may block your access to the portal temporarily or permanently if there are specific indications that you have violated these terms and / or applicable law or if the provider has a different legitimate interest in the blocking. When deciding to block, the Provider will take due account of your legitimate interests. In the case of temporary or permanent blocking, the provider blocks your access authorization and notifies you of this by e-mail. In the event of a temporary blocking, the Provider reactivates the access authorization after expiration of the blocking period and notifies you of this by e-mail. A permanently disabled access authorization can not be restored. Permanently locked persons are permanently excluded from the participation in the portal and may not re-register on the portal.

Should any provision of these General Terms and Conditions be or become invalid, the legal validity of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected. Instead of the invalid provision, an effective provision shall be deemed to be agreed upon which is closest to the economic intention of the parties.